Air Factory goes Bremen | WORKSHOP & PUBLIC PRESENTATION @spedition

After the Workshop in December to Media and Socialities in the series city/data/explosion spedition has again guests from Budapest at spedition also from Berlin and Leipzig: The Performance Projects PNEUMA SZÖV. from Budapest and ONGOING PROJECT from Berlin and Leipzig are at spedition for one week.
They developed an AiR Factory against false informations currently named Fake News and presented this new industry sucessful during the Off-Biennále in Budapest in November last year. Now they want to develop a new location for the AiR Factory in Bremen and need our HELP:

// WORKSHOP | Thursday 1st – Saturday 2nd February
You are kindly invited to join us in a workshop from Thursday 1st to Saturday 3rd February from 11 AM – 6 PM (or later) to transfer the idea of the AiR Factory into the rooms of kunst- und kulturverein spedition.
The participation is free! We also appreciate it when you can’t or don’t want to take part the whole time. More important is if you have time for 2 public presentations at Saturday and Sunday evening to present our results to a public audience.

DAY 1 – 1st February // Introduction to the AiR Factory & Opening of the Bremen Chapter – featuring YOU!
We collect and develop ideas, share our artistic skills and connect them to local issues.
DAY 2 – 2nd February // MANUFACTURING DAY – Working on the different stations.
Day 3 – 3 rd February // LOST AND FOUND IN SPACE – While the Bremen Samba Carneval takes place outside we finish the manufacturing work and prepare the first factory tour and public presentation for the evening.

Here are further informations about the Workshop, also at FB.

// PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS | Saturday 3rd + Sunday 4th February

If you do not have time for the workshop, you are cordially invited to the public presentations on Saturday and Sunday from 7 – 10 PM!

Opening Hours of the AiR Factory Spedition:
Saturday 3rd February and Sunday 4th February // 19.00 – 22.00

The AiR Factory is collaborative project by Pneuma Szöv. / Mókusok (BP) and Ongoing Project (DE) with the support of the Goethe-Institut and Burning Man. The program was part of the OFF-Biennále Budapest 2017 art festival.

The workshop will be realised with: Zsuzsa Berecz, Sarah Günther, Jasmin Jerat, Lilla Magyari, Lisa Schwalb, Luca Szabados, Gergő Varga

For further information mail to pneumaszov@gmail.com. Give us a short notice if you want to take part in the workshop.


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Article about Air Factory in BALKON

[unfortunately only in Hungarian]

“A Pneuma Szöv. alkotói gyakorlata a kortárs színház és
képzőművészet határmezsgyéjén mozog, vegyes eszköztárból építkezik, és (…) a csoportot láthatóan sokkal inkább a gyakorlatban megszerezhető és továbbadható tudásformák érdeklik. A walk-in environment fogalmától – ahol a bejárás, a felfedezésre való igény valóban alap befogadói attitűd kell, hogy legyen – így jutunk el a
Léggyár szempontjából testhez álló work in environment fogalmához.”

Balkon 2017_11, 12

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Workshop | MEDIA & SOCIALITIES in Bremen

The workshop is part of the exchange between actors from the fields of art, culture, social and civil society engagement from Budapest and Bremen, initiated by kunst- und kulturverein spedition last year.


Fotók itt: https://www.facebook.com/pneumaszov/posts/1170956469704915

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AirWorker’s report on the Air Factory

// in Hungarian
“Olyan, mintha egy másik világba, álomvilágba, sci-fi szerepjátékba csöppenne az ember. (…) Engem elképeszt és ámulattal tölt el, hogy itthon ilyen kezdeményezéssel, komplex művészeti produkcióval lehet találkozni. Valami nagyon új, nagyon más elképzelés ez a művészet szerepéről és funkciójáról, bátor és bevállalós kísérlet. Ha egy berlini kiruccanás során futnék bele, nem lepne meg, de csodálnám, és Budapestre kívánnám.”
Trömböczky Napsugár (Pótszékfoglaló)

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Air Factory reopens and reclaims

We need more workers for the re-opening of the Air Factory!

“Abandoning utopian promises of air castles enables us to build a refreshingly industrial Air Factory, where we can alter the climate together. Do you want to distort someone else’s mind or behavior? Then you have the narcissistic psychological complex to fit in at our factory and create real change in society!”

 Air Factory – RECLAIM THE AIR! >>
in the frame of OFF Biennale 2017



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TÓcsatorna – Late Night Show ☞ Bánkitó Fesztivál 2017

Pneuma Szöv. ft. Kulcs Alíz present

Corrupted or not not? We will search for answers to this question.
Every evening we report about actual happenings around Bankitó. We invite guests and produce our best to corrupt them and the public.
After StreetChannel and 89 Shades of Grey, here is the new TV performance of Pneuma Szöv./Kulcs Alíz
Watch it carefully!

BÁNKITÓ Festival > thursday, fruday, saturday evening on Aurora stage


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Pneuma Vizuál

Our sister is born, Pneuma Vizuál! Projections, graphic design, moving and not moving digital and analog miracles!

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STREET CHANNEL – live TV shows in public spaces on housing

April 2016 | Józsefváros, Budapest

Social Housing is a burning issue in Hungary and especially in Budapest where homelessness, evictions and renting prices explode. Through playful art mixed up with deep discussions a dialog was created to reach out for a broader public for this topic. The performances that combined TV, street and performance were live events where people gathered to learn new points about it.
The recorded shows will be screened in pubic spaces of Józsefváros.
>> live TV shows << 
#1 – 4 April, 5-7pm – Teleki tér
#2 – 11 April,  5-7pm- Teleki tér
#3 – 17 April, 3-5pm, 14-17 – Rákóczi tér
#4 – 24 April, 3-5pm – Keleti pályaudvar

>> screenings <<
#1 – 8 April, 7-9pm
#2 – 15 April, 7-9pm
#3 – 22 April, 7-9pm
#4 – 29 April, 7-9pm

Facebook-esemény: https://www.facebook.com/events/249625462037849/

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26 Feb – 6 March, 2016 | Kamagel, HAMBURG (DE)

Pneuma Szöv. and Mobile Albania take part in KRASS – KULTUR CRASH FESTIVAL at Kampnagel Hamburg. Watch out for all the Pappenheimers and their Yurt at the festival entry, and let yourself be surprised, maybe.

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2 and 6 Feb, 2016 | Schwankhalle, BREMEN (DE)

Mobile Albania, some members of Pneuma Szöv. and the rolling donkey travel for a week to and through Bremen; searching for hospitality.
They take a break in Kukoon to screen Mókus Riviera and talk about it. At Feb 6th, people are invited to the night of the travel story telling, with Sauna, Pap-Yurte and other brought and found hospitality rituals.

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