about us

Pneuma Szöv.* / Mókusok is an artists co-op. Working mainly in Budapest since 2008, with collaborations and temporary exiles in Germany and around.

Known popularly as the Mókusok (Squirrels), Pneuma Szöv. has been building an open network in the 8th district of Budapest. In 2012 it was here that they built a giant Squirrel as an anti-discrimination weapon together with neighbours, activists, passers-by, homeless artists and many others. Pneuma’s art practice is based on common breathing. They launch processes which trouble the regimes of our daily lives and re-enchanting what seems to be obvious and unchangeable. Their 3D radio performances, television shows chalked on asphalt, wandering Street Channel and political campaign with a squirrel mayor candidate (Mókus Maxi) evoke and play with a new kind of public sphere using eclectic media. Their postdramatic performances meld artistic research, social philosophy and urban studies with various forms of visual art, community and public art, free pedagogy concepts, activism and low-threshold social therapy.

texts about us

Fülöp Zsófia: Urban actions on the border of art and social activity [szakdolgozat]
** in HUNGARIAN ** Master thesis by Zsófia Fülöp on new genre of public art
Schneider Ákos: Pioneers in the Eighth district [thesis] (in HUNGARIAN)
** in HUNGARIAN ** master thesis by Ákos Schneider on grassroots cultural scenes in the Eighth district
Bálint Mónika: The 20 Forint Operetta and three dimensions of participation (in HUNGARIAN)
** in HUNGARIAN ** article by Mónika Bálint focusing on the project 20 Forint Operetta


“Merj a mókusokkal lenni!” – interview with Berecz Zsuzsa (HU)
Berecz Zsuzsa on Pneuma Szöv.'s projects in Józsefváros, Budapest // July 2013 ** IN HUNGARIAN **
“Alakítani a történéseket..” interview with Sarah Günther (HU)
(Magyar) Interjú Sarah Güntherrel a 20 forintos opertt 1. képéről // Színház, 2013. március