Air Factory – Reclaim the Air!

Gaudeo ergo sum
James Tilly Matthews

Be like rabbits, cunning and full of tricks!
Gabor Sztehlo

Congratulations! We hereby invite you to interview with Budapest’s newly-opened Air Factory, an institution for the production of new airs, vitalities, and manias!

Using cutting-edge influencing technologies developed in 1810 by our founder James Tilly Matthews, our crews concoct and unleash alchemical machinations to warp the minds of their communities and manipulate society. On our long and successful corporate path we enriched our portfolio with digital technologies, physical laughter and social art. Our mission was always to be one step ahead of political trends.

Our Hungarian branch office is specialised in finding new solutions against perfect behavior and transparency that prevail in public life today. We crave deceit, we make a new brew out of old-fashioned manipulation. Abandoning utopian promises of air castles enables us to build a refreshingly industrial Air Factory, where we can alter the climate together. Do you want to distort someone else’s mind or behavior? Then you have the narcissistic psychological complex to fit in at our factory and create real change in society!

Air Factory is an open secret, a weave of fiction and reality, play and labour, magic and science. Inside you will find a space where society’s norms are upended, a shifting labyrinth of gaudiovisual object- and human-installation assembled into a clamorous machine inspired by everything that high-art and torture devices have in common. Our work is always collaborative and never finished: you can not only use our devices, but also use us to install your own. At Air Factory, we are committed to leading change in our communities. If this letter reaches you, you are already prepared. Come help us drag everyone else from the happy world we live in today into a corrupted, devastated future!

In the frame of OFF-Biennale Budapest

Location: still secret
Pre-Opening: 29 September, 2017

Opening: Friday 13 October 2017, Further visiting times and guided tours between Friday 13 and 30 October, 2017

Supporters: a grant from Burning Man, Goethe Institute
Collaborators: Levegő Munkacsoport, Tranzit, Átváltozó Wekerle, Láthatatlan Tanoda, Auróra

From and with (in order of appearances): Sarah Günther (de/hu), Berecz Zsuzsa (hu), Szabados Luca (hu), Shawn Bodden (us), Esze Dorka (hu), Borsos Luca (hu), Magyari Lilla (hu), Szabó Veronika (hu), Hódi Csilla (hu), Poór Dorottya (hu), Luiza Moraes (br), Hussami Péter (hu), Székely Rozália (hu), Pintér Luca (hu), Isabel Val (es), Kim Doan Quoc (fr) and you (int).