past projects


PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS SAT 3rd + SUN 4th from 7 PM On the last day of the workshop you will not find us until late afternoon at spedition: instead of finishing the manufacturing work and prepare the first factory tour and public presentation for the evening we will enter the Bremer Karneval. We found an old rocket in the rooms of spedition that has many inserts and missions in the past in different (Culture) Spaces, developed it to an Ariane 6.0 program and we’ll bring it to the Karneval instead of Samba: Ein Aufstand der Gartenzwerge und revolutionären Zipfelmützen – a Garden Gnome Revolution – against the romantic image of discovering the SPACE – EXPLORING OR EXPLODING – and showing the purpose of Space Technology for the armaments industry. When you want to join and support us: We will meet at 12 AM at Glocke. For the Public Presentations at the evenings we prepared until now: Informations about James Tilly Matthews and the Air Loom, impressions and thoughts to the AiR Factory in Budapest, footage of the demonstration Friday afternoon against the turkish invasion in Afrin and how all this refers to the Bremen Year Sternstunden 2018. You can take part in our ARIANE 6.0 Quiz and there will be more to see and DISCOVER in OUR SPACE. We kindly invite you to the Opening of SPEDITION AiR LOGISTICS – your business of transport of culture, art, music and informations: the new dependance of the Budapest AiR Factory in Bremen at kunst- und kulturverein spedition. After a successful first presentation of the AiR Factory during the Off-Biennále in Budapest in November last year we proudly present the new location in Bremen. In a 3 DAY WORKSHOP engineers, experts, researchers with different artistic skills from the Performance Projects PNEUMA SZÖV. (Budapest) and ONGOING PROJECT (Berlin/Leipzig) worked out a concept for a new industry that clears the air for communication and information. Be part of this factory tour and join us in this free performance night! PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS Opening Hours of SPEDITION AiR LOGISTICS: Saturday 3rd February and Sunday 4th February // 19.00 – 22.00 The AiR Factory is collaborative project by Pneuma Szöv. / Mókusok (BP) and Ongoing Project (DE) with the support of the Goethe-Institut and Burning Man. The program was part of the OFF-Biennále Budapest 2017 art festival. The workshop + presentations are realised with: Zsuzsa Berecz, Sarah Günther, Jasmin Jerat, Lilla Magyari, Lisa Schwalb, Luca Szabados, Gergő Varga press statement (in German): [...]