Street Channel

// Live TV shows on public squares in Józsefváros, Budapest on the topic of housing

// April-May 2016

// Józsefváros, Budapest

Social Housing is a burning issue in Hungary and especially in Budapest where homelessness, evictions and renting prices explode. Through playful art mixed up with deep discussions a dialog was created to reach out for a broader public for this topic. The performances that combined TV, street and performance were live events where people gathered to learn new points about it. An exchange platform was brought to life: actors and artists helped to make the show entertaining and played with the topics while they learnt from the content and ideas about housing from the activists they encountered and worked together.
The shows were recorded and are and will be screened in very diverse locations from schools over community houses to private film clubs. We hope to generate attention and an inspiration for people to gather, support existing initiatives who come up with new solutions and develop new inputs to solve the situation.

Supported by Norway Grants & EEA Grants
PARTNERS: The School of Public Life, The City is for All, Habitat for Humanity Hungary

Vorzimmer // The Spirits of Resistance

// 2015, May
//  Morzinplatz, Vienna (A)
// artistic participatory mind map in public space with performative events around //

In the frame of Into the City / Wiener Festwochen, Pneuma Szöv. and Mobile Albania (DE) opened an
action room in Morzinplatz Wien. A vestibule of history, a vestibule of stories, a vestibule of possibilities
and impossibilities. Past, present and future forms of resistance are explored, playacted, linked, reflected
upon. In the course of the action, the inventory of the vestibule emerges from the inspirations of the past
brought into the present: a story by Margarethe Schütte-Lihotzky about toilet bowl singers in prison; a
speech about the state by Ilse Aichinger; handbills denouncing the Second Wold War; hiding as a method
of practical resistance; the creation of camouflaged writings; telling stories in a Mobile Albanian tee room;
chalk TV…
Vorzimmer functioned as an art mediation station in between the inside-exhibition about
the former Gestapo headquarter and its past to passers-by and local inhabitants and open a
dialogue with them about the topic. The focus of the project was moments of resistance
connected to the local Gestapo-history that can be inspiring and connected to today’s resistant movements.
Formats: big interactive, informative wall collage, a presence over two weeks, public rehearsals and a
performative closing “ghost hour”, where the results of the research were shown.
PARTNERS: Wiener Festwochen – Into the City… Tovább...

Mókus Maxi for Mayor – 20 Forint Operetta III.

// Mayor campaign for the homeless squirrel Mokus Maxi
// 2014, June-December
// Mayor Elections, 8th district of Budapest.

The homeless giant squirrel Mokus Maxi became a candidate for mayor in the 8th district of Budapest. An artistic campain in the year of local elections in Hungary. Maxi was competing with the actual mayor Máté Kocsis representing an avantgarde of criminalizing homeless people and establishing the biggest
surveillance system in Hungary. One of Maxi’s idols and family members is Antanas Mockus, former mayor of Bogota. The campaign focused on the question what tasks a mayor should or could have.

“I am the homeless captain Mókus Maxi (Macky Squirrel) and a Giant Squirrel travelling in the 8th district in Budapest. I
started my campaign for the local election in autumn where I wanna win the Mayor election in the 8th sea. One of my idols
and family members is Antanas Mockus, former mayor of Bogota. With my golden shopping car I travel through the 8th district
and meet people who help me to find out what I can do as a mayor. I ask myself if we still need new mayors, or if I should
encourage everybody to become a new mayor.
I have two aims found so far:
Adó helyett Odút! (A refuge instead of tax!)
Ellenörzés helyett bizalmat (Trust instead of surveillance!)
As the local government here is a master of disappearance: they make disappear homeless people from city space, benches,
public sphere, food distribution, my aim is at the moment also to make disappear the disappearance.
Let’s come together in alternative news channels and make space for a new squirrel economy.
Most of my posts are in Hungarian, but I am working on english and german informations, because i wanna expand”

Supported by Norway & EEA Grants, Heinrich Böll Foundation

July – Dec 2014, Budapest [HU]
video |ább...

workshop: movement on the 8th sea

//A Vándorló utcaegyetem c. nemzetközi színházi együttműködés keretében Vass Imre koreográfus és Sarah Günther performanszművész (Mobile Albania, Pneuma Szöv.) 6 napos utazásra hívják az érdeklődőket Budapest Nyolcadik kerületében.

// 2013, June.

// Budapest, Joseph City.


A Vándorló utcaegyetem c. nemzetközi színházi együttműködés keretében Vass Imre koreográfus és Sarah Günther performanszművész (Mobile Albania, Pneuma Szöv.) 6 napos utazásra hívják az érdeklődőket Budapest Nyolcadik kerületében.

A sétaworkshop során csoporttestként utazunk át Józsefvároson és különböző köztereken időzünk el. Milyen ez a hétköznapit átszelő útonlevés? Mi történik az utazás során? Hogyan hat a város tere, az épített környezet, a többi járókelő viselkedése testünkre, tudatunkra és csoportmozgásunkra? Hogyan tudjuk másképp látni és használni a teret?

A séták során a csoportban való gondolkodás különböző technikáit és az önalkotmányozás mobilalbán módszerét fogjuk használni. Miközben átvágunk a Nyolcadik tengeren, megvizsgáljuk testrészeink, egymás teste és a közterek viszonyát és közösen fogalmazzuk át a térképet.

A workshop mindenki számára nyitott.


Első találkozó:
>>>Június 21., 17h (-20h), Teleki tér<<< További időpontok: >>>Június 22., 17-20h, Horváth Mihály tér
>>>Június 23., 17-20h, Bláha Lujza tér, a szőkekutnál
>>>június 25., 17-20h, Rákoczi Tér
>>>június 26., 17-20h
>>>június 27., 17-20h… Tovább...

Wandering Street University – 20 forint operetta II.

// Second part of the 20 Forint Operetta. A street university exploring and transforming urban public spaces by means of performative methods and common reflections.
// 2013, May-October
// Budapest/Leipzig.

The street university is based on non-hierarchical learning. It brings together different actors of society in order to create and transfer common knowledge. In the summer of 2013, we made excursions
in the 8th district of Budapest, got in dialog with inhabitants and civil networks, formed a public choir and founded a local newspaper.

Activities in the frame of the Wandering Street University:
* a choir workshop led by Salam Yousry (Egypt) in Budapest. As a result our local street action choir BKK (Insider Outsiders) was formed. This choir is now allied to Pneuma’s activities, different demonstrations on housing issues, street actions, squat actions.
video report including BKK choir |

* shooting of a sci-fi movie on the streets of Joseph City (8th district).
video |

* local newspaper „The Eighth Sea” – regularly published, written and edited by a changing team of artists, inhabitants, activists
web |

* Moving on the 8th sea – a street workshop led by Sarah Günther and Imre Vass
topic: Deleuze and Guattari’s notion of “striated” and “smooth” space in order to explore borders in city space
report |

* Eighth Sea Feast – one-day feast on the Horváth Mihály tér, future central square of Joseph City, now abandoned transit space with unused, not upkept football-ground and playground.

Partners & Supporters: Mobile Albania (DE), Shelter Foundation (HU),, Nap Klub Foundation (HU), Robert Bosch Foundation – International Theatre Institute “Szenenwechsel” program… Tovább...

Mókus Maxi – 20 Forint Operetta I.

The first stage of the operetta was a 10-week all-day open workshop in the 8th district of Budapest (the city’s poorest and most heterogenous district with a high percentage of immigrants, a large Roma population, high criminality and housing poverty).
The group of collaborators and diverse newcomers turned an empty lot into a meeting point and a rehearsal space for the open society. Neighbour children turned one of the sandboxes into a backyard garden. Local artists and residents assembled a film crew, wrote, acted and shot a series of soap opera episodes and held a local screening. Homeless artists organized a writing circle to create textual material for the project. The experimental music group Bélaműhely composed songs from these texts and then performed them in the streets on instruments they built of refuse and trash.
The project revolved around the figure of Mókus Maxi, a homeless sailor (inspired by a short story of a former homeless writer). Around this character arose the legend of the 8th Sea representing the 8th district. By the end of the 2,5 months the growing community built up a giant mobile squirrel. This rodent relative of Mack the Knife from the Threepenny Opera (Brecht/Weill) gathered the audience around him and sailed them through the “8th Sea of Budapest” in a big theatrical street procession.

DOCUMENTARY  “Mókus Riviéra” (trailer) |

partners Mobile Albania, Vagyunk Association of Homeless Artists, Béla Műhely, Fedél Nélkül
supported by Schering Stiftung, MitOst e.V, Local government of Joseph Town Budapest
Winner of the competition “kultur-im-dialog-moe 2012”, a program by the Schering Stiftung and MitOst e.V., Berlin.

concept & realisation: everybody
idea & coordination: Pneuma Szöv. + Mobile Albania
texts & stories: Vagyunk Egyesület + Uccaművész Egyesület
music & instruments: Béla Műhely + Dudás Zsombor

with & by:
Andrea Francesco Ermanno (translation), Andrea Sztuchlik (muse), Attila (drummer),
Benedek Gyuri (soap operett shooting), Boross Martin (squirrelbuilder, performer), Berecz Zsuzsa (Pneuma Szöv., production management),
Camille Tournebize (volunteer, squirrelbuilder), Cseke Dorina (fotos), Csiki Betti (dancer, performer), Csoport Új Vizualitás (fotos),
Dudás Zsombor (music & mokus drums),
Elisabeth Katalin Grabow (squirreldance leader), Erdős Zoli (informer), Erwin Feldmann (beautify Tolnai and streetwalker), Esze Dorka (performer, squirrelbuilder),
Fekete Hajnal (fotos), Feri (the train drawer), Franzi Günther & Iris (cooking),
Gábor (helper), Gábor (squirrelbuilder), Gábor (bottle collector), Galamb Istvan (trailer construction), Galamb Zsuzsanna (Goethe Guerilla, squirrel mossgraffiti), Gyenei Peti (ship sponsor), Gyuri / Georgi (bamboo-nod-expert, squirrelbuilder),
Hannes Hanath (beautify tolnai), Herczeg Zoltan (3B, graphics, costumes, nemzeti-cutter), HoCsi / Horváth Csilla (Vagyunk Egyesület, writer, performer), Huterják János (pirate),
Ivett (dancer, singer),
Julius Palacinka (daily reporter),
Katharina Stephan (Mobile Albania, concept, squirrel building), Kevin (performer), Kiss Béla (mókus cooking),
Lée Jozsef (Vagyunk Egyesület, writer),
Margerita (beautify tolnai), Makra Viktória (puppet workshop, coordination of the soap operett), Markos Viktor (Pneuma Szöv.,soap operett camera, cutting, concept), Mauricio Mendivil (squirrel help), Mercsei Pál (Uccamüvész Egyesület, writer, performer), Mobile Albania Crew: Flo & Till (performers, builders), Molnár Bence (Bélaműhely, music workshop),
Orbán Anna (Vagyunk Egyesület, writer, singer), Owen Good (translation)
Pápai Gergő (squirrel movie), Pista (cooking, soap operett performer), Pisti (performer), Pisti (helper), Prieszol Julianna (performer, mókus cooking and building, social support, writer),
Rejtő Gábor (Uccamüvész Egyesület, writer, leader of the writers workshop), Rimóczi István (Bélaműhely, instrumentbuilding workshop, music), Robi (cooking), Roland Siegwald (Mobile Albania, concept, squirrel building),
Sarah Günther (Pneuma Szöv., Mobile Albania, idea, concept, artistic coordination), Simon Viktória Nóra (organisation assistance, squirrelbuilder), Somló David & Bélaműhely Crew, Szabados Luca (Pneuma Szöv.,design, costumes), Szabó Veronika (squirrel haircuter), Szalay György (writer, performer, main actor in the soapoperett), Szandi (dancer performer), Szélig Feri (thief, nightwatch, térfigyelő), Széphelyi Júlia (script soap operett), Szobota Luca (children workshops, beautify tolnai),
Tamás Bence (hegedű), Tomika, Tóth Betti (Kakadu fözés, mókus cooking), Tultz Erika (assistance, childrenwatcher), Túri László (yogamaster, performer),
Vécsei Anna (dramaturg puppet workshop)

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