Marie & Mari

Marie Grau (GDR) and Szürke Marika (HUN) are experienced media presenters, entertainers and reporters. The tragicomedian duo works together since the late 80’s and experiments with different type of Free Media forms (late night talk shows, live festival transmissions, future reports and interviews, tv and radio emissions) and structures in the entertainment factory.

Marie is from GDR. She grew up in black&white and wants to bring anarchist colors to her life and the lives of other. She works with Mari as a tragicomedian duo since ’89 in various analog TV shows. Recently she likes to play Pincess of Persia. In her free time, Marie listens to Nina Hagen or Viktor Tsoj and drinks red whine with Mari.

Mari is born in televised GDR. She is busy with questions of capitalism and freedom, mostly enjoying it with a glass of red whine. Together with Marie, she diggs deeper into star life, last time you could see her hunting down Hungarian shooting star Imre Vass at the “Lake Channel” at Bankito Festival, Hungary. Mari is expert in how to get a tent as a media star.

with and by: File Csilla (Mari 1), Sarah de Günther (Marie 2), Magyari Lilla (Dr. Purple), Szabados Luca (Costumes&Props)