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Marie & Mari
since 2017 // series of live TV shows by the tragicomedian reporter and media presenter duo Marie & Mari

happened already

PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS SAT 3rd + SUN 4th from 7 PM On the last day of the workshop you will not find us until late afternoon at spedition: instead of finishing the manufacturing work and prepare the first factory tour and public presentation for the evening we will enter the Bremer Karneval. We found an old rocket in the rooms of spedition that has many inserts and missions in the past in different (Culture) Spaces, developed it to an Ariane 6.0 program and we’ll bring it to the Karneval instead of Samba: Ein Aufstand der Gartenzwerge und revolutionären Zipfelmützen – a Garden Gnome Revolution – against the romantic image of discovering the SPACE – EXPLORING OR EXPLODING – and showing the purpose of Space Technology for the armaments industry. When you want to join and support us: We will meet at 12 AM at Glocke. For the Public Presentations at the evenings we prepared until now: Informations about James Tilly Matthews and the Air Loom, impressions and thoughts to the AiR Factory in Budapest, footage of the demonstration Friday afternoon against the turkish invasion in Afrin and how all this refers to the Bremen Year Sternstunden 2018. You can take part
Air Factory – Reclaim the Air!
OFF-Biennale Budapest // January - Oct 2017 // Congratulations! Budapest's newly-opened Air Factory invites you to produce new airs, vitalities, and manias!
Street Channel
Budapest - 8th district // April-May 2016 // Series of live mobile TV shows on Social Housing in public space
The Pap Family Besets Leipzig – PAPLAMENT III.
LOFFT Theater Leipzig, Schwankhalle Bremen & KRASSFESTIVAL Kampnagel Hamburg // 2015-16 // a series of changing performances between theater, radio and interactive celebration space
Vorzimmer // The Spirits of Resistance
Wiener Festwochen, Morzinplatz, Vienna (A) // May 2015 // artistic participatory mind map in public space with performative events around
EXIT POLLoska – reloaded at Off-Biennale
OFF Biennale Budapest, Auróra, Tilos Radio // April 2015 // Live Radio Theater Experiment about the global movement of bedbugs, their shadow government and parasitism
Mókus Maxi for Mayor – 20 Forint Operetta III.
Budapest 8th district // June - Dec, 2014 // Mayor Campaign for the homeless squirrel Mókus Maxi
Federation of Urban Imagination | Paplament II.
Job Center, Huygens Square Leipzig // August, September 2014 // // Public space interventions and collaboration with international artists and urbanist groups
Budapest, Trafó Kontra Klub, Tilos Radio // April 2014 // Live radio&performance after the Hungarian election - Who is the shadow government?
A Pap család bemutatkozik – rádiószínház
Budapest, Gólya // December 2013 // Live Radio Performance | Common kitchen | Paprika party
Radio ROT | Paplament I.
Sept-Oct 2013 // Leipzig (DE) // a series of live-radio shows with the motto: „nomadic principles to overcome the state“
Wandering Street University – 20 forint operetta II.
// Second part of the 20 Forint Operetta. A street university exploring and transforming urban public spaces by means of performative methods and common reflections. // 2013, May-October // Budapest/Leipzig.
(Magyar) 2013 // félfiktív dokumentumfilm Mókus Maxi, az otthontalan óriásmókus és a Nyolcadik Tenger legendájáról
Nyolcadik Tenger – Kiállítástábor
(Magyar) kiállítástábor a müsziben
2013 // short film on homelessness
Mókus Maxi – 20 Forint Operetta I.
Summer 2012 // Józsefváros, Budapest (HU) // street phantasy and procession with a homeless giant squirrel
// a performance, labyrinth and multiple installation with machines, ghosts, city air // 2008, October // Budapest, Old Corvin Shopping Mall.