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Spectacular Society in Gólya

The Spectacular Society warmly invites you to its political game evenings!

2 and 30 October, 2022, Gólya, Budapest

🥣 Constant supply: capitalist society of spectacle
🍳 Menu of the day: lazy karaoke, mindfucks, shredded sloth

🍟 Who is it for?
Anyone who can spare a little time for laziness.
Anyone who’s under pressure at work.
Anyone who isn’t afraid to put on the glasses we give them (and open their eyes while they’re at it).
Who doesn’t want to spend Sunday evening alone, but not very active either.

Facebook event:

Pneumatology – article in Mezosfera

Have a look at the essay by Pneuma’s co-founders Zsuzsa Berecz and Sarah on Pneuma Szöv.’s  art and activism. They present a set of tarot cards in Mezosfera‘s issue on Art ‘After’ Activism
Ravishing tarot design by Dorottya Poór, Luca Szabados and Sarah Günther


Spectacular Society

This spring we have been working on a series of workshops based on the situationist Guy Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle. In this book,  Debord decribes with unwavering rigorosity and poetical richness the nature of capital that has gotten to a state of accumulation so that it became “spectacle”. By using the word spectacle Debord describes the commodification of all aspects of human life, including love and the most intimate relationships to an extent when illusion becomes the real and the real is only a moment within the illusion.

Starting from chapters of The Society of the Spectacle we set out to find our own relationships to the spectacle. We used different practices, many of them public space observations, some kind of a dérive in the city (as situationists called this kind of method of psychogeography). 

From April 29 on we are organising open soirées to share with others the practices used during the workshop.

See the facebook event here:

TV Free Europe at Ars Electronica

TV Free Europe was presented at Ars Electronica, one of the largest intermedia, new media, digital-cultural, contemporary media and research festivals in the world.

𝗔 𝗡𝗲𝘄 𝗗𝗶𝗴𝗶𝘁𝗮𝗹 𝗗𝗲𝗮𝗹8.–12. SEPTEMBER 2021TV Free Europe / Studio Nova Gorica (University NG, School of Arts – Akademija umetnosti Univerza v Novi Gorici)  was presented at the “Gardens” section.


TV Free Europe Forecast

TV Free Europe is a collaborative experimental Tele- and Theatre Vision, started in 2019, 30 years after the Fall of the Wall. It is the joint work of seven local studios from 5 countries. An artistic research about TV, with performance, public art, university classes, street interventions, life. A thinking about being free artists. Wanna know more? Listen to your inner David:


September 12 | Border opening event with live transmission from Studio Oberwart (AT)
October 2020 – March 2021Winter is coming – stay tuned for programs coming up
April – June 2021 | TV Free Europe goes live in the local studios

///// stay tuned on 

TV Free Europe – coming late!

Our TV IN PROGRESS has been launched!

A TV in progress, with plenty of absurdity and inspiration, and lots of fishes for a meditation break.

If you are bored of livestreamings, tired of online cultural products and all the framed information,

We planned it to be a series of LIVE EVENTS, but now we decided to put it all back into the box of a classical TV. Later we will break out of it again!

THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING – Mari & Marie’s Early Night Show

Mari @ Marie’s Early Night Show @TRIP Ship Budapest | 5 October, 2019

The show happened in the context of our European Democracy Network and was co-organised with KÖME – Kulturális Örökség Menedzserek Egyesülete

One of the main demands of active citizens in Central and Eastern Europe in the late 80s was the right for information and a democratic public sphere. In 2019 we face a narrowing public sphere with increasing restrictions on the freedom of press, assembly and expression in many European countries and beyond. More and more moments emerge reminiscent of the “velvet prison” as writer, politician and human rights advocate Miklós Haraszti called the late Kádár regime.

Greetings from the future of 1989, feel the wind of CHANGE!

Hungarian Mari and East-German refugee Marie, two young journalists, are time travelling from 1989 to 2019 to host today’s talk show. Join them for an interactive conversation with performative elements around shrinking civic spaces and civic actors’ legitimacy, reputation and freedom fundamentally being challenged. Together, we want to explore how civic spaces are being restricted in European and neighbouring countries; what are the similarities and differences across Europe; how we as civil society can stand in solidarity with each other and learn from each others‘ reactions and actions against these threatening tendencies in our specific local contexts.

TV Free Europe soon starts!

We are happy to launch our collaborative TV Free Europe soon!

30 years after Radio Free Europe influenced and transmitted the Fall of the Iron Curtain, with partners from 5 countries we explore buried hopes and possibilities of freedom of speech today. TV Free Europe is a series of practical research formats and theatrical late night shows. Throughout the project a growing archive is being built up, out of personal accounts, objects, stories and misteries.

Partners to TV Free Europe:  KÖME- Association of Cultural Heritage Managers, University of Nova Gorica (SLO), Offenes Haus Oberwart (AT), UT Connewitz (DE), Festival Tårnby Torv (DK), Pneuma Vizuál and other local collaborators

The project is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union,  Allianz Kulturstiftung and the U.S. Embassy of Budapest 

TV Free Europe is looking for a project assistant!

—– details (in Hungarian) —-

A rendszerváltás 30. évfordulójához kötődő performatív művészeti és közéleti projekthez keresünk munkatársat.

A Pneuma Szöv. és a KÖME-Kulturális Örökség Menedzserek Egyesülete most induló “Szabad Európa Televízió”-ja keres munkatársat kommunikációs és asszisztensi feladatokhoz 2021 tavaszáig

A munkavégzés helye főleg Budapest
Jelentkezni 2019. szeptember 20-ig lehet az címen. 
Kezdés: 2019. október eleje

Marie and Mari hiked with OHO-Offenes Haus Oberwart at the Iron Curtain

Grenzerfahrungen – Diesseits und jenseits der ehemaligen Eisernen Grenze * Lesewanderung
Montag, 10. Juni 2019 13:00 Uhr

Lesewanderung am Pfingstmontag zum Fall des Eisernen Vorhangs 1989

Start: Geschichtenhaus Bildein

Involved Artists and Authors:
Konstanze Breitebner, Johanna Sebauer, Dominic Horinek, Konstantin Vlasich,
„Luftfabrik“ (Pneuma Szöv.ft. Mari und Marie – Zsuzsa Berecz, Csilla File, Sarah Günther, Csilla Hódi, Balázs Kellner, Luca Szabados)

—The cultural house OHO in Oberwart, Burgenland near to the Austro-Hungarian Border organised a hike with lectures and performance around the topic of the Fall of the Iron Curtain. Mari & Marie presented some of their ’89 memories in form of performative pictures and collected memory postcards about the participants memories.


Happy Birthday Pneuma Szöv.!

We are 10 years old!

Pneuma Szöv. was founded in 2008 in Budapest with an air factory researching and responding to bad city air and growing concpiracies polluting politics and our lives. >>> See more about the air factory under Lufthase

Since 2012 we have been developing own media formats as artistic tools to create a public sphere.
A local newspaper called „The Eighth Sea”, nomadic radio-theatre performances that occupy radio stations for an evening hour, an ephemeral “chalk TV” on the asphalt to communicate about local issues, or a “Street Channel” as a series of public talk shows on the streets of Budapest.
Our media formats are answers or better questions to actual socio-political
processes in Hungary, but also a reaction on the current ways of representation in mainstream media that increases prejudices and gridlocked social barriers instead of tearing them down.

In the past years we have built up a heterogeneous network in the rapidly gentrifying 8th district of Budapest out of white middle class people, Roma kids & their parents, inmates of the homeless shelter houses, passers-by, local activists and artists. Between 2013 and 2015 we developed a translocal wandering media format called “Paplament” between Budapest and Leipzig with the German performance collective Mobile Albania.

Mari & Marie go hygge – Tårnby Torv Festival

Duty free zone – early evening show + party by Pneuma Szöv. ft. Marie & Mari, Dr. Purple and local guests
19 November, 7 pm @Tårnby Torv Festival, Denmark

Where birds and planes meet, between Amager Fælled and Kastrup Airport, Mari & Marie look for freedom and flights. Mari & Marie started their entertainment program in the streets of Budapest, checking out what the future could look like. As time travellers they bounce between the past and the coming, always stumbling over the potentials of 1989. Is freedom outdated?

More info:

Tårnby Torv Festival is an attempt to maintain the connection between performance art and its most important players: the citizens right around the corner. In the festival cooperate artists from abroad, Danmark and citizens from Tårnby.

The festival is initiated by Tårnby inhabitant and performance artist Andreas Liebmann and takes place in, and around, a space on the 1st floor in Tårnby Torv Center.


*** Press release of the Bremen Air Factory on the Bremen Samba Carnival and The City of Space 2018 program ***

Während der Public Presentation des Workshops letztes Wochenende, der die AiR Factory aus Budapest in die Räume des kunst- und kulturvereins spedition transferiert hat, ist im Press Department – aktiver Teil der Performance – folgende Presseerklärung entwickelt worden, die wir noch in selbiger Nacht an die lokale Bremer Presse verschickt haben. Folgend dokumentieren wir hier die Presseerklärung und weiter unten – scroll down – das Quiz, das während der Intervention in den Bremer Karneval verteilt wurde und für Gesprächsstoff gesorgt hat und mit dem wir Fragen gestellt haben zu Raumfahrt, Verteidigung, dem Motto des Bremer Karnevals, Airbus und Ariane, um herauszufinden, ob diese Zusammenhänge bekannt sind oder von den Teilnehmer*innen und Besucher*innen des Karnevals mitgedacht werden.

Es war uns eine Freude zum diesjährigen Samba Karneval in Bremen zu sein. 
Das Motto „Verschollen im Weltall“ greift das Bremer Raumfahrtjahr „Sternstunden 2018“ auf und ist zweifellos eine Anspielung auf die boomende Raumfahrtindustrie der Region mit Airbus und der Ariane
 Group. Jetzt im Januar hat die Türkei einen 7-Milliarden-Euro-Vertrag mit Airbus unterzeichnet, um ihr Militär aufzurüsten, gleichzeitig marschiert die türkische Armee in Afrin ein. Mehr als nur ein Grund für uns, am Bremer Karneval teilzunehmen:

Verkleidet als Zwerge – Symbol bürgerlicher Kleingartenmentalität und in der Deutung als Heinzelmännchen auch ein Symbol für versteckte, unsichtbare Industriearbeit – haben wir den Karneval auf einer berittenen Rakete mit den Airbus und Ariane-Logos besucht, um auf die Verwicklungen von Raumfahrt und Rüstungsindustrie aufmerksam zu machen:
Hinter jeder Raumfahrtunternehmung und dem Streben ins Weltall steht zumeist ein skrupelloses wirtschaftliches und militärisches Nutzungsinteresse, beim militärischen Arm von Airbus ebenso wie bei den Ariane-Boosterraketen und dem sogenannten „Euro Deterrent“ Programm, vergleichbar mit dem Weltraumrennen in den 60er Jahren, das in den Hochzeiten des Kalten Krieges zur Entwicklung von Interkontinentalraketen führte. 

Dabei hatten wir außerdem ein Quiz, um zu überprüfen, ob Bremer*innen wissen, was ihre größte Wirtschaftsbranche wirklich macht! Die Ergebnisse waren schockierend!

Mehr Sichtbarkeit für Raumfahrt!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Die Lufthase-Gang




Air Factory goes Bremen | WORKSHOP & PUBLIC PRESENTATION @spedition

After the Workshop Media and Socialities  which took place in December 2017 as part of the series city/data/explosion  Pneuma Szöv. was guests again @ spedition together with ONGOING PROJECT from Berlin/ Leipzig.

In 2017 Ongoing Project and Pneuma Szöv. have developed an AiR Factory producing informations currently named Fake News and presented this new industry sucessful during the Off-Biennále in Budapest. Now we are up to develop a new location for the AiR Factory in Bremen. Here is what we are planning on:

// WORKSHOP | Thursday 1st – Saturday 2nd February
You are kindly invited to join us in a workshop from Thursday 1st to Saturday 3rd February from 11 AM – 6 PM (or later) to transfer the idea of the AiR Factory into the rooms of kunst- und kulturverein spedition.
The participation is free! We also appreciate it when you can’t or don’t want to take part the whole time. More important is if you have time for 2 public presentations at Saturday and Sunday evening to present our results to a public audience.

DAY 1 – 1st February // Introduction to the AiR Factory & Opening of the Bremen Chapter – featuring YOU!
We collect and develop ideas, share our artistic skills and connect them to local issues.
DAY 2 – 2nd February // MANUFACTURING DAY – Working on the different stations.
Day 3 – 3 rd February // LOST AND FOUND IN SPACE – While the Bremen Samba Carneval takes place outside we finish the manufacturing work and prepare the first factory tour and public presentation for the evening.

Here are further informations about the Workshop, also at FB.

// PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS | Saturday 3rd + Sunday 4th February

If you do not have time for the workshop, you are cordially invited to the public presentations on Saturday and Sunday from 7 – 10 PM!

Opening Hours of the AiR Factory Spedition:
Saturday 3rd February and Sunday 4th February // 19.00 – 22.00

The AiR Factory is collaborative project by Pneuma Szöv. / Mókusok (BP) and Ongoing Project (DE) with the support of the Goethe-Institut and Burning Man. The program was part of the OFF-Biennále Budapest 2017 art festival.

The workshop will be realised with: Zsuzsa Berecz, Sarah Günther, Jasmin Jerat, Lilla Magyari, Lisa Schwalb, Luca Szabados, Gergő Varga

For further information mail to Give us a short notice if you want to take part in the workshop.


Article about Air Factory in BALKON

[unfortunately only in Hungarian]

“A Pneuma Szöv. alkotói gyakorlata a kortárs színház és
képzőművészet határmezsgyéjén mozog, vegyes eszköztárból építkezik, és (…) a csoportot láthatóan sokkal inkább a gyakorlatban megszerezhető és továbbadható tudásformák érdeklik. A walk-in environment fogalmától – ahol a bejárás, a felfedezésre való igény valóban alap befogadói attitűd kell, hogy legyen – így jutunk el a
Léggyár szempontjából testhez álló work in environment fogalmához.”