Vandorló utcaegyetem – 20 forintos operett II.

// A 20 forintos operett II. fejezete. Second part of the 20 Forint Operetta. Utcaegyetem a városi közterek kutatásáról és alakításáról közös gondolkodással és performatív gyakorlatokkal
// 2013, május-október
// Budapest/Leipzig.

The street university is based on non-hierarchical learning. It brings together different actors of society in order to create and transfer common knowledge. In the summer of 2013, we made excursions
in the 8th district of Budapest, got in dialog with inhabitants and civil networks, formed a public choir and founded a local newspaper.

Activities in the frame of the Wandering Street University:
* a choir workshop led by Salam Yousry (Egypt) in Budapest. As a result our local street action choir BKK (Insider Outsiders) was formed. This choir is now allied to Pneuma’s activities, different demonstrations on housing issues, street actions, squat actions.
video report including BKK choir |

* shooting of a sci-fi movie on the streets of Joseph City (8th district).
video |

* local newspaper „The Eighth Sea” – regularly published, written and edited by a changing team of artists, inhabitants, activists
web |

* Moving on the 8th sea – a street workshop led by Sarah Günther and Imre Vass
topic: Deleuze and Guattari’s notion of “striated” and “smooth” space in order to explore borders in city space
report |

* Eighth Sea Feast – one-day feast on the Horváth Mihály tér, future central square of Joseph City, now abandoned transit space with unused, not upkept football-ground and playground.

Partners & Supporters: Mobile Albania (DE), Shelter Foundation (HU),, Nap Klub Foundation (HU), Robert Bosch Foundation – International Theatre Institute “Szenenwechsel” program