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TV Free Europe: The Movie – Berlin Premiere

26 January, 2024, 8pm |
Club der polnischen Versager – Ackerstrasse 169, Berlin, Germany |

¤ Film screening and Q&A with the film team
¤ Live cinema “The Belt” by Gergő Pápai
¤ Party

>> Event part of Vorspiel – transmediale/CTM <<

TV FREE EUROPE. THE MOVIE – film by Gergely Pápai and Pneuma Szöv.
(Budapest +Nova Gorica/Leipzig/Szombathely/Taarnby/Oberwart 2023, 63 min, Hungarian,English+German with English subtitles)
Mari Szürke and Marie Grau met at the Pan-European Picnic in 1989. They traveled together to the present day to understand how to live with the freedom that the fall of communism brought us. This film tells the story of a strange journey in which the characters try to understand what it means to be free. Where did the story or history lead that we, who were born around the fall of the actually existing socialist regimes, are not the creators of, but only the winners or victims of? The TV Free Europe film is also the story of the failure of this impossible undertaking.
The characters in the film stumble around in the shadow of COVID-19, the hollowed out fall of the socialist regimes, the Orbán regime, self-realization, and the expectations associated with success. They are looking for the narrow path that leads between a meaningful life, the compromises made or not made for success, the traps of cynicism, and being losers.
This film tries to get to know its characters, capture our time, and some of the fundamental questions of our generation.

Followed by a special presentation TV Free Europe – The Movie co-director Gergő Pápai’s film project The Belt

cinematic journey with live-act
“What I know as the city is only a very, very small part of what Budapest actually occupies. Concrete channels for streams, logistics systems like railways, warehouse bases, high-voltage wires, outdated heating plants, abandoned factories and the heaps of by-products of former industrial production make up most of the city’s territory. The Belt is a slow film in which we leave behind the well-known sights of the city to see the new stadiums, the the old marshalling yards and the gigantic real estate developments. The film provides an opportunity for a slow, drifting journey where we can meditate on the relationship between ourselves, the city, and the natural environment. This movie is a silent film and I play live music, similar to the pianist who would accompany silent films in the past.” (G. Pápai)

Spectacular Society in Gólya

The Spectacular Society warmly invites you to its political game evenings!

2 and 30 October, 2022, Gólya, Budapest

🥣 Constant supply: capitalist society of spectacle
🍳 Menu of the day: lazy karaoke, mindfucks, shredded sloth

🍟 Who is it for?
Anyone who can spare a little time for laziness.
Anyone who’s under pressure at work.
Anyone who isn’t afraid to put on the glasses we give them (and open their eyes while they’re at it).
Who doesn’t want to spend Sunday evening alone, but not very active either.

Facebook event:

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Spectacular Society

This spring we have been working on a series of workshops based on the situationist Guy Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle. In this book,  Debord decribes with unwavering rigorosity and poetical richness the nature of capital that has gotten to a state of accumulation so that it became “spectacle”. By using the word spectacle Debord describes the commodification of all aspects of human life, including love and the most intimate relationships to an extent when illusion becomes the real and the real is only a moment within the illusion.

Starting from chapters of The Society of the Spectacle we set out to find our own relationships to the spectacle. We used different practices, many of them public space observations, some kind of a dérive in the city (as situationists called this kind of method of psychogeography).

From April 29 on we are organising open soirées to share with others the practices used during the workshop.

See the facebook event here:


TV Free Europe at Ars Electronica

TV Free Europe was presented at Ars Electronica, one of the largest intermedia, new media, digital-cultural, contemporary media and research festivals in the world.

𝗔 𝗡𝗲𝘄 𝗗𝗶𝗴𝗶𝘁𝗮𝗹 𝗗𝗲𝗮𝗹8.–12. SEPTEMBER 2021TV Free Europe / Studio Nova Gorica (University NG, School of Arts – Akademija umetnosti Univerza v Novi Gorici)  was presented at the “Gardens” section.

“Fear Free”
TV show –  created in the frame of a smeinary held by Sarah Günther and Jasna Hribernik

Panel discussion by and with the project’s creators


Seeking Resonant Cartographies Beyond States of Insecurity: Borsos Lőrinc’s and Pneuma Szöv’s Critical Fictioning of the Self and the Social in Illiberal Hungary

An MA thesis by Maggie Sava about two Hungarian artist groups: Pneuma Szöv. and Borsos Lőrinc.
You can download it here.

Made in the frame of: MA Contemporary Art Theory Dissertation, Goldsmiths, University of London
Dissertation Tutor: Dr. Janna Graham
Submission Date: 03 September 2019



TV Free Europe Forecast

TV Free Europe is a collaborative experimental Tele- and Theatre Vision, started in 2019, 30 years after the Fall of the Wall. It is the joint work of seven local studios from 5 countries. An artistic research about TV, with performance, public art, university classes, street interventions, life. A thinking about being free artists. Wanna know more? Listen to your inner David:


September 12 | Border opening event with live transmission from Studio Oberwart (AT)
October 2020 – March 2021Winter is coming – stay tuned for programs coming up
April – June 2021 | TV Free Europe goes live in the local studios

///// stay tuned on 

TV Free Europe – coming late!

Our TV IN PROGRESS has been launched!

A TV in progress, with plenty of absurdity and inspiration, and lots of fishes for a meditation break.

If you are bored of livestreamings, tired of online cultural products and all the framed information,

We planned it to be a series of LIVE EVENTS, but now we decided to put it all back into the box of a classical TV. Later we will break out of it again!

An artistic research and a common platform of learning with and about TV.
A TV that builds on the system changing media around 1989 and explores the since then forgotten relationship of TV and art.

If you wanna transmit something, connect to it!

A mass medium not for the masses. For up and coming stars, for the late comers, for those who want to transform personal into public, for the loners, for those who want more joy.

FROM OUR TV PROGRAMME (in progress) :
– a new game every day
– shooting stars at 9:11
– revolutionary minutes from 19:56 to 19:89
– technical bugs and the most varied broadcast breaks.

An open group of artists, art students, and other contributors. Maybe you as well!
Participating regional studios:
Studio Budapest, Studio Szombathely, Studio OHO Oberwart, Studio Nova (Gorica), Studio Leipzig, Tårnby Park Studio

Participating organisations:
Pneuma Szöv. / Mókusok, KÖME – Kulturális Örökség Menedzserek Egyesülete / Association of Cultural Heritage Managers, OHO offenes Haus Oberwart (AT), University of Nova Gorica (SL), UT Connewitz (Leipzig / DE), Tårnby Torv Festival (DK), Pneuma Vizuál, BOHÉM (Szombathely), ELTE Savaria University Centre – Department of Visual Arts, Szombathely Arts High School

Co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, with the support of Allianz Kulturstiftung and the U.S. Embassy of Budapest

TV Free Europe

1989 – a Vasfüggöny leomlásának és a határok feloldásának az éve. Remény volt a levegőben. Ma mi van a levegőben? Mi lett az akkori szabadság-ígéretekből? Különben is: mi a szabadság?

A szabadságot keressük (we’ve been looking for freedom…): “szabad” művésznek lenni a “szabad” piacon? Mindenki ügynök, csak most nem az állambiztonságnak, hanem magunknak dolgozunk? Művészettel korszerűsítjük a csatornáinkat – Szabad Európa Rádió helyett Szabad Európa TV-t!

A Szabad Európa TV színház, performansz, köztéri művészet, egyetemi órák, köztéri intervenciók, a saját munkamódszereinkről való gondolkodás, élet, video art és mindenek előtt egy művészeti kutatás keveréke. 1989 körüli eseményekhez kapcsolódó izgalmas helyeket és történeteket vizsgálunk újra. Mi a helyzet a keleti blokk elfeledett underground kultúrájával? Emlékszünk-e még akkori médiakísérletekre és közösségi kezdeményezésekre? Mit lehetne hasznosítani belőlük?

Európa határai ma olyan sűrűek, mint a képernyők pixelrendszerei. Hová meneküljünk a kerítésen keresztül, és egyébként is, merre tartunk?

A Szabad Európa TV kritikus közeg, amely kérdéseket tesz fel és maga is kísérletet tesz élhető élet- és munkastruktúrák létrehozására. Nyitott folyamat és kudarc. Üzeneteket küld a jövőből és élőben közvetíti a múltat a képernyődre. Mindenki saját maga, személyre szabott TV-je. Boldogan bányásszuk elő a félmúlt kliséit a közös tévénézésekről, majd ezt közös tévékészítésbe és -nézésbe fordítjuk. A letűnőben lévő tömegmédia találkozik a mai valósággal és képzelőerővel.

////////////// még több a oldalon

Mi lesz ebből?
Kísérleti TV csatorna készítése, közösségi performanszok, színházi late night show-k, kiállítás – mindez 2020 és 2021 folyamán.

Kik csinálják?
A SZET-t a Pneuma Szöv. és a KÖME- Kulturális Örökség Menedzserek Egyesülete kezdeményezte. Partnerek: OHO – Offenes Haus Oberwart (AT), University Nova Gorica (SL), UT Connewitz (Leipzig / DE), Tårnby Torv Festival (DK), Pneuma Vizuál, BOHÉM Klub, ELTE SEK Vizuális Művészeti Tanszék, Szombathely Művészeti Szakgimnázium Mozgókép és animációkészítő tagozata, valamint egyéb bekapcsolódó diákok, művészek, alkalmi résztvevők és sztárvendégek.

Budapest, Szombathely, Lipcse, Tårnby Torv – Koppenhága (DK), Felsőőr/Oberwart (AT), Nova Gorica (SLO) és a levegőben

A projekt az Európai Únió Kreatív Európa programja keretében valósul meg, további támogatói az Allianz Kulturstiftung és az Amerikai Egyesült Államok Budapesti Nagykövetsége