happening now

series of artistic-philosophical workshops and soirées // Spring 2022, Budapest
since 2017 // series of live TV shows by the tragicomedian reporter and media presenter duo Marie & Mari

happened already

between Sept 2019 and Summer 2022 // Budapest (HU), Szombathely (HU), Oberwart (AT), Leipzig (DE), Copenhagen (DK), Nova Gorica (SI)
February 2018 // Bremen (DE) // workshop + public presentation of AiR Factory, special visit to the Bremer Karneval
OFF-Biennale Budapest // January - Oct 2017 // Congratulations! Budapest's newly-opened Air Factory invites you to produce new airs, vitalities, and manias!
Budapest - 8th district // April-May 2016 // Series of live mobile TV shows on Social Housing in public space
LOFFT Theater Leipzig, Schwankhalle Bremen & KRASSFESTIVAL Kampnagel Hamburg // 2015-16 // a series of changing performances between theater, radio and interactive celebration space
Wiener Festwochen, Morzinplatz, Vienna (A) // May 2015 // artistic participatory mind map in public space with performative events around
OFF Biennale Budapest, Auróra, Tilos Radio // April 2015 // Live Radio Theater Experiment about the global movement of bedbugs, their shadow government and parasitism
Budapest 8th district // June - Dec, 2014 // Mayor Campaign for the homeless squirrel Mókus Maxi
Job Center, Huygens Square Leipzig // August, September 2014 // // Public space interventions and collaboration with international artists and urbanist groups
Budapest, Trafó Kontra Klub, Tilos Radio // April 2014 // Live radio&performance after the Hungarian election - Who is the shadow government?
Budapest, Gólya // December 2013 // Live Radio Performance | Common kitchen | Paprika party
Sept-Oct 2013 // Leipzig (DE) // a series of live-radio shows with the motto: „nomadic principles to overcome the state“
// Second part of the 20 Forint Operetta. A street university exploring and transforming urban public spaces by means of performative methods and common reflections. // 2013, May-October // Budapest/Leipzig.
(Magyar) 2013 // félfiktív dokumentumfilm Mókus Maxi, az otthontalan óriásmókus és a Nyolcadik Tenger legendájáról
(Magyar) kiállítástábor a müsziben
2013 // short film on homelessness
Summer 2012 // Józsefváros, Budapest (HU) // street phantasy and procession with a homeless giant squirrel
// a performance, labyrinth and multiple installation with machines, ghosts, city air // 2008, October // Budapest, Old Corvin Shopping Mall.