Vorzimmer // Widerstandgeister

// turning a public square into an artistic playground for reflection about resistance now and in the (local) past
// Wiener Festwochen, Morzinplatz, Vienna (A), May 2015 //

In the frame of Into the City / Wiener Festwochen, Pneuma Szöv. and Mobile Albania (DE) opened an action room in Morzinplatz Wien. A vestibule of history, a vestibule of stories, a vestibule of possibilities and impossibilities. Past, present and future forms of resistance are explored, playacted, linked, reflected upon. In the course of the action, the inventory of the vestibule emerges from the inspirations of the past brought into the present: a story by Margarethe Schütte-Lihotzky about toilet bowl singers in prison; a speech about the state by Ilse Aichinger; handbills denouncing the Second Wold War; hiding as a method of practical resistance; the creation of camouflaged writings; telling stories in a Mobile Albanian tee room; chalk TV…
Vorzimmer functioned as an art mediation station in between the inside-exhibition about the former Gestapo headquarter and its past to passers-by and local inhabitants and open a dialogue with them about the topic. The focus of the project was moments of resistance connected to the local Gestapo-history that can be inspiring and connected to today’s resistant movements.
Formats: big interactive, informative wall collage, a presence over two weeks, public rehearsals and a performative closing “ghost hour”, where the results of the research were shown.
PARTNERS: Wiener Festwochen – Into the City

More info: https://rotor.mur.at/con_into-the-city_ger.html