The Pap Family Besets Leipzig – PAPLAMENT III.

// A series of changing performances between theater, radio and interactive celebration space
// Aug – Sept , 2015, LOFFT Theater, Leipzig & Jan, 2016, Schwankhalle Bremen & Feb – Mar, 2016, KRASSFESTIVAL, Kampnagel Hamburg, in the frame of Szenenwechsel

The Pap family is a nomadic tribe; its most famous member is Rika Pap who can magically transmute herself into money. No one knows the exact origin of these Redskins who shine like stardust from the Puszta.

On their raids, these new Huns occupy gray city squares, dark stages, empty backyards and convert them into switching points of movement. They ride on wild radio waves through border fences, construct their yurts from old election boards on the squares, and cultivate ritual meetings with the residents there. In their theater shows, they grind the ideas and people they’ve encountered into radio waves and paprika.
Now at last, the Pap-penheimers come to the LOFFT. What awaits us is written in glowing red pepper fairy tales. There are rumors that their weapons are getting sharper and their attacks are recently not just of theatrical kind. We are excited and fear for our reputable skin. They are numerous. They are everywhere.
Maybe also in your apparatus. Je suis Radio.

SUPPORTED by LOFFT, Stadt Leipzig, Kulturamt, Fonds Darstellende Künste and Robert Bosch Stiftung – International Theater Institut in the frame of the program „Szenenwechsel“