Radio ROT | Paplament I.

// Sept-Oct 2013
// Leipzig (DE)
// a series of live-radio shows with the motto: „nomadic principles to overcome the state“

In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of Hungarians who feel like leaving their
homeland behind. The most popular venues for voluntary exile are London and Berlin, where almost the
populations of a middle-size Hungarian town have settled. What can you do, if you do not feel at home
any more in your homeland?
Can you create a new home in a strange country, can you transfer all that you loved to have at home into
this new place, and even recreate what has already been lost back in your fatherland?
Paplament I. is an artistic research in the city space of Leipzig ending with a temporary occupation of
the local Radio BLAU with live radio performances. Out of the abandoned posters of the parliamentary
elections of Germany we built up a seasonal nomadic hut on the Lindenauer Markt. From this radio studio
we broadcasted live performative programs by converting Radio BLAU into Radio ROT.
This format was transferred back to Budapest as Radio RÖT by occupying Tilos Radio and Fuga Radio.

PARTNERS: Radio BLAU, Mitost Festival, Tilos Rádió
SUPPORTED by Robert Bosch Stiftung and International Theater Institute