Street Channel

// Live TV shows on public squares in Józsefváros, Budapest on the topic of housing

// April-May 2016

// Józsefváros, Budapest

Social Housing is a burning issue in Hungary and especially in Budapest where homelessness, evictions and renting prices explode. Through playful art mixed up with deep discussions a dialog was created to reach out for a broader public for this topic. The performances that combined TV, street and performance were live events where people gathered to learn new points about it. An exchange platform was brought to life: actors and artists helped to make the show entertaining and played with the topics while they learnt from the content and ideas about housing from the activists they encountered and worked together.
The shows were recorded and are and will be screened in very diverse locations from schools over community houses to private film clubs. We hope to generate attention and an inspiration for people to gather, support existing initiatives who come up with new solutions and develop new inputs to solve the situation.

Supported by Norway Grants & EEA Grants
PARTNERS: The School of Public Life, The City is for All, Habitat for Humanity Hungary