2 and 6 Feb, 2016 | Schwankhalle, BREMEN (DE) Mobile Albania, some members of Pneuma Szöv. and the rolling donkey travel for a week to and through Bremen; searching for hospitality. They take a break in Kukoon to screen Mókus Riviera and talk about it. At Feb 6th, people are invited to the night of the travel story telling, with Sauna, Pap-Yurte and other brought and found hospitality rituals. [...]

EXIT POLLoska // vol. 3. // Auróra birthday edition

14 Nov 2015, (Sat), 7 pm | Auróra Live radio&theatre performance in Auróra & on radio Tilos Not so very long ago there lived 6 million poloska (bedbugs) in the 8th district, not only in the Vajdahunyad homeless shelter, but at least 60 in Zsuzsi’s flat, and as they spread they turned the hotels of New York into their main baracks. A shadow government reigns supreme. Thanks to the blanket CCTV control of public space the bedbugs are now bathed in sunlight. But the listeners are not aware that they too are being listened to. The final solution of the bedbug problem has begun. HoCsi has cleansed the Vajdahunyad Castle shelter using Chlorine gas, and has publisized their whereabouts. >>Out of the dark – into the light >> [...]