Air Factory – Reclaim the Air!

Something’s in the air. The atmosphere is getting worse, filled with transparent lies. We can’t wait any longer! It’s time for a climate change!

In October 2017 an international art-conspiracy will be revealed and its dirty linen aired in public. A group of people have conspired to build a refreshingly industrial Air Factory in an empty office space on Üllői street. The factory produces air to efficiently influence the atmosphere.
To finish our work, we still need lots of personal atmospheres and fears, so come and join us! The factory is not an air castle: it has already started to function. We already welcome helpers and volunteers, and we open our gates to a broader audience on the 13th of October.
If you would like to do something for more efficient social psycho-active methods, would like to improve the public endangerment or just to disappear into thin air, then come and visit us!
The Air Factory is an installative performance, a community-based home-experiment, art research, meeting point and knowledge-sharing center. Visitors of the factory can participate in the ongoing work of the factory, can get lost in the huge office-labyrinth or try cutting-life technologies. All visitors will get a breath of fresh air and insight into the real and only conspiracy, the rabbit-hole…
“Come as you are, vár a léggyár!”

In the frame of OFF-Biennale Budapest

Location:  Heinrich udvar, 32. Üllői út, 4th floor, Budapest

Member recruitment: ongoing from 29. September, 2017
Premier: 13 October (Friday)
Other visiting hours: 14, 20, 21, 23 October (revolutionary opening), 27, 28, 31 October (HELLONYUL – End Party)

Open between 19h and 22h (with arrival between 19h and 21h), or by appointment

Supported by the Goethe-Institut and a grant by Burning Man

Budapest, Heinrich Udvar, 2017
In the frame of OFF Biennale Art Festival

A collaborative artwork by Pneuma Szöv. and Ongoing Project

coordinated and initiated by: Pneuma Szöv.

by and with: Ádám Anna, Bartók György, Békefi Róbert, Berecz Zsuzsa, Bredán Máté, Shawn Bodden, Borsos Luca, Csanálosi Mária, Debreczeni Luca, Dobos Eszter, Fedor Nikolaevitch Drozdov, Carolin Eibel, Esze Dorka, File Csilla, Grósz Laci, Sarah Günther, Hauer Szilvia, Hódi Csilla, Hussami Péter, Jécsai László, Kerpely Adel, Kliment Jankó, Triada Kovalenko, Lutz Boglárka, Magyari Lilla, Makra Viktória, Markos Viktor, Michael McCarthy, Luiza Moraes, Poór Dorottya, Lisa Schwalb, Süttő Anikó, Szabados Luca, Szabó Veronika, Szűcs Petra, Varga Viktor and you

project coordination team: Berecz Zsuzsa, Shawn Bodden, Borsos Luca, Sarah Günther, Magyari Lilla, Lisa Schwalb, Szabados Luca

artistic director: Sarah Günther | dramaturg: Berecz Zsuzsa | visual design: Szabados Luca

Partners: Müszi – Művelődési Szint, Monhor Viki, Auróra, Láthatatlan Tanoda, Zöld Pók

Article on Air Factory by Júlia Salamon in Balkon