// a performance, labyrinth and multiple installation with machines, ghosts, city air
// 2008, October
// Budapest, Old Corvin Shopping Mall.

Lufthase is a secret air factory built on the fact that (in)visible fictions build (in)visible facts and that air pollution makes politics. Breathing against working, breathing for working. Work for breath.
Starting point of the factory was the big airloom by James Tilly Matthews, developed in Bedlam, London in the beginning of the 19th century, known as the first documented case study of paranoid schizo- phrenia. Due to electromagnetic waves, the airloom could drive brains more than 100 years before our modern mass media and other advanced influencing machines. During 1 month the factory awaited new workers and handled their brains with chaotic energy. The project was planned and realised with a growing number of factory workers and allies. The factory workers were a group of approx. 40 people: friends, volunteers, artists, activists, fantoms, historical creatures.
The audience could find their own spaces and roles within the air factory – some returned after the first visit to create an own unit among the 30 rooms of the abandoned Corvin office system. This collaborative approach was a core of the project project that created energy within and beyond the performance. Pneuma Szöv. as a network was established during LUFTHASE.

—> I wanna get lost in the old Lufthase labyrinth!

videotrailer on Népszabadság