Budapest, 2013, 38 min, in Hungarian with English subtitles

The film tells the legend of Mókus Maxi, a giant multifunctional homeless squirrel. It gives an insight into the German-Hungarian theatre project „20 forintos operetta”, a street phantasy that deals with street situation in Budapest by fostering a common space, a living open society of trust and cooperation through art.

Director: Sarah Günther
Cut: Sarah Günther, Markos Viktor, Pápai Gergely
Music: Dudás Zsombor, Rimóczi István


2016, January: Bremen https://www.facebook.com/events/1676168205964254/
2015, November: Stand 129, Vienna https://www.facebook.com/stand129/posts/1650618028527042
2015, November: Urbanize! Festival 2015 – in the Selection of Short Movies „DO IT TOGETHER“
2013, October :  11th International MitOst Festival, Leipzig – premier
2013, April: MüSzi

The film got nominated in the “Úton” (“On the Road) competition programme of the MEDIAWAVE Festival.